I am a classical philologist, educator, and departmental administrator, each in the true sense of the words: I love the classical languages, I lead strive to lead my students out to the lives before them, and I minister to the needs of my department to ensure its stability and growth. I am also a devotee of curricular coherence, which to me means a logical progression of skills introduced, reinforced, and eventually mastered by students over time and in a range of courses. This requires consistency, clarity and transparency for all stakeholders, especially students. It also requires rigorous and continuous assessment of learning outcomes and program goals, which I consider an integral and even exciting part of my work (really!).

I am currently associate professor and Chair of the Department of Classics at Agnes Scott College. In this role I am most proud of building and maintaining a stepped curriculum that equips students with a thorough knowledge of Latin and Greek and the tools they will need for critical analysis, teamwork, and effective communication, whatever their eventual field.

I hold a Ph.D. in Classical Studies from Duke University, a BA in Classics from Cornell University, and am an alumna of The Hotchkiss School, where my classical education began.

I publish chiefly on Roman Elegy, including a chapter on the militia amoris in the Cambridge Companion to Latin Love Elegy, edited by Thea S. Thorsen. You can read Theresa Ramsby’s assessment of the collection in The Bryn Mawr Classical Review here.  I also revised Amy Barbour’s classic Selections from Herodotus in a second edition that includes book and chapter numbers for ease of cross-reference with other works on Herodotus. More information about my publications can be found on Academia.edu.

I am also a spouse, parent, baker of bread, and lover of soccer. Forza Roma!